Welcome to the never updated image dustbin of artist, writer and friend to robots, Greg Broadmore.

Here are some facts about Greg Broadmore:

  • He likes dinosaurs and also robots. Equally. (Actually he likes Dinosaurs slightly more, but don't tell robots.)
  • He works at Weta Workshop - they make things for movies, like swords, space guns and sweaty orc thighs.
  • He worked on the following movie films (usually drawing pictures of things like robots, dinosaurs and tits):District 9, King Kong, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Black Sheep amongst many, many others.
  • He is the creator of science fiction world, Dr. Grordbort's which is mainly an excuse to invent rayguns and new swear words.
  • He has human-like features.
  • He also works for Magic Leap on a tippity top secret project that may or may not involve rayguns. (It involves rayguns.)
  • He is a designer of public art like Riff Raff - the Richard O'Brien tribute sculpture in Hamilton, NZ, and the Tripod - screen industry sculpture in Wellington, NZ.
  • He has been to the future and has this to say about it: It's nice, you should go there. Yes, there are still dicks.
  • To top this off he has written and illustrated as well as drawn in the margins of many books. For instance, he worked on The World of Kong: A Natural Histroy of Skull Island and wrote and illustrated Doctor Grordbort's books: Onslaught, Triumph,  Victory and Doctor Grordbort's Contrapulatronic Dingus Directory all on his own like a big boy.


For ever so slightly more oftly updated pictures and pedantry, please visit his blog

Mature content warning: Please be aware, these galleries contain illustrations of humans with parts of their anatomies revealed that some people find embarrassing. Ask your Mum first.

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